We are new owners, as of March 30, 2009 and are striving to ensure that the tradition of High Country Cowboy Company is upheld.   Call us with advice and questions!

High Country Cowboy Company, a Colorado based organization, dedicates themselves to building and selling the finest Western horse equipment available. We believe in supporting American craftsmen and artisans, and don’t believe in compromise when concerning equipment. The craftsmanship we have provided has ensured the highest quality of available custom saddle and horse equipment for 23 years. Our goal remains to guarantee the tradition built by the founders of this company will continue to uphold.

“Very Fine Using Gear”
To declare only the highest quality product, we commit to providing equipment labeled as “Very Fine Using Gear”. This equipment improves performance, comfort, and ride for both the horse and rider.

Our Passion
At High Country Cowboy Company, we not only provide you with equipment, but we also share your passion for horses. Through using and constantly testing our equipment, we confidently and honestly endorse the quality of our products.

High Country Cowboy Company Makers
We proudly say we have the finest skilled family of craftsmen building our line of products. We believe them to be amongst the best in the country and are proud to know and work with them. Because of their dedication and skill, you assure your custom saddle is always made of the finest materials.

Questions? Custom saddle orders?
Give us a call or e-mail us with your questions or comments. We specialize in long answers to short questions and love to talk about horses and gear. Have questions about a custom saddle? Call us now!

Thanks for dropping by!

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