Chaps & Chinks

Ordering Chaps and Chinks
Next to your saddle, your chaps are the most personal part of your outfit. We know that and we listen to your direction as to style, color and weight. We know that comfort is the most important factor – so we’ve included the measurement chart below – and we use our years of experience to make sure that your chaps are comfortable. We know that cutters, reiners, ropers and ranchers, trailriders, outfitters and trainers all have sightly different requirements. We accommodate them all.

We make them up custom, but we’re pretty quick – usually 4 to 6 weeks.

Measure twice to be sure.

  1. Waist – Measure around where you will wear your chaps, measure with your trousers and belt on
  2. Rise – crotch (where the seams cross) to waist
  3. Upper thigh – thickest part
  4. Mid thigh
  5. Knee – with leg slightly bent
  6. Calf – thickest part
  7. Outseam – measure waist to ground
  8. Inseam – chaps measure crotch to ground

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