Custom Saddles

We believe we are making the absolute best custom saddles on the market today. The best materials, hardware and attention to detail are put into each saddle. We love creating one of a kind masterpieces for our customers. We also are making custom saddles for stock so if you are looking for a custom quality saddle but can’t quite find the ability to wait give us a call and we might have just what you are looking for right here, in stock. Or check out our In Stock Saddles page.

You can read more information about saddles by About Saddles.  Or  click here to create your own custom saddle with High Country Cowboy Company’s order form.


Custom Saddles

Custom Saddles

Custom Saddle Pricing Options
There are lots of choices to be made in designing a custom saddle. Some involve function, some aesthetics. It’s a combination of the two that creates the unique saddle you will be proud to own and ride for a lifetime. When you place your order we’ll make sure to ask all the questions necessary to make sure what you want is exactly what you get. Below are just a few of the items to consider when beginning the design process on a new saddle but by no means is it a complete list. Call us to request your Custom Saddle Order Packet for a more in-depth look into the custom saddle process and options available.


Base Price Custom Saddles: $3,495
This base price includes choice of tree, rigging style and smooth or rough out premium Hermann Oak or Wickett and Craig leather. 14/16 ounce for working weight saddles and 12/14 ounce for trailriding weight. Also includes doubled and stitched flank cinch and billets, cinch latigo and half breed, real shearling fleece, choice of skirt style, stirrup hobbles and pre-turned stirrup leathers.

8 String Set- 3 Piece Seat: $45
Rawhide Binding on horn and cantle: $95
Rawhide Gullet Shield or Bead: $100
Cushion Seat (Smooth or Rough): $150
Inlaid Cushion Seat: $250
Loop Seat: $125

Simple Double Line, Barbed wire or Shell Border: $250
Fancy Borders: $450
Corner Tooled: Basket Weave $450, Floral or Oak $900
1/2 Breed: Tooled Basket Weave $750, Floral or Oak $1,500
Fully Tooled: Basket Weave $1,150, Floral or Oak $1,975
(Poco Tooled add $500)

Plier Pouch: $95
Rope Strap: $35
Hobble Ring Leather Covered: $35
Hobble Ring Braided Rawhide: $75
Staple Pouch: $125
Hoof Pick Pouch: $45
Mule Hide: $40
Brand/Initials: $100

Stirrups, Cinchas, Bucking Rolls, Saddle Bags and Breast Collars, Saddle Silver, Conchos & Horn Caps sold separately. Custom orders require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Pricing as well as time frames on custom made items are subject to change.


Small and Large Running W

Border: Small and Large Running W


Border: Wavey

Bead and Small Basket Weave

Border: Bead and Small Basket Weave

Barbed Wire and Crazy Legs

Border: Barbed Wire and Crazy Legs

Small Basket Weave

Geometrics: Small Basket Weave

Large Basket Weave

Geometrics: Large Basket Weave

Large Box

Geometrics: Large Box

Tri Basket

Geometrics: Tri Basket

Mighty Oak

Hand Carved: Mighty Oak

Old Timer

Hand Carved: Old Timer


Hand Carved: Columbine

Chester Flower

Hand Carved: Chester Flower