We started this company to meet the needs of everyday working cowboys. Those folks who make their living spending hours on horseback and in the saddle. We still have many customers who regularly take 50 mile loops, who rope and doctor cattle alone and ride a number of different horses in any given week. These customers expect a saddle to be a good influence on a horse’s health and attitude as well as positioning the rider for maximum performance and comfort. We take our saddle making seriously, from a custom tree built to our specifications, to the careful attention to detail in our overall construction.

We’re proud of the way our saddles look, but we’re most proud of the way they work.

When you call to inquire about ordering one of our custom saddles we can send you a Custom Saddle Order Packet. This will include types of horses, styles of riding and all possible options. Each made to order saddle is one of a kind and will reflect your input and our best efforts. The options list is extensive and will be quoted when you order or ask for an estimate. Saddles pictured are saddles we have made for our customers in the past and illustrate different option combinations and the prices that they carry. Delivery is between 7 to 9 months upon receipt of a 50% deposit. Time frames can vary and if we could build our custom saddles any faster without sacrificing quality we would.

If we don’t wish we could keep the saddle,
we won’t ship it.

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